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Born in 1994, Carlie Nettles began talking and acting at the same time. By age two she performed her favorite videos live for family, giving each character its own voice and filling in background music. It took some time for her to go public, but at age 7 she started doing plays, beginning with the role of Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Most recently she played Peter in Peter Pan. She shot her first film at age 8, playing a child with an absentee dad and an imaginary friend. Since then, she has played a ghost with a grudge, a conniving orphan, a super hero, and a mad scientist among others. In recent films, she had taken on the challenge of performing with a British accent and even kissing boys. She's been described by one of her favorite directors as having the ability to portray both innocence and irreverence at the same time. She has most often been compared to a young Jodie Foster. Carlie's ambitions are to end up in Hollywood. She truly loves films. If she's not making one it seems she's watching one. Carlie has played a wide variety of characters, in both comedy and drama, and is quick to learn accents and memorize dialog. Her other passion is animals - even the crawly ones. As her 5th grade teacher put it, "Carlie can't seem to make it to the cafeteria without catching something." Perhaps Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin should watch out!

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